Jul 15 2010

Live at the Espy

Hi folks… unbeknown to us beforehand, the July 14 gig at The Espy in St Kilda was the first of many Espy gigs to be streamed live! You can still watch it now however – and if you can stick it out until the end, you’ll get to see the debut of our cover of Motorhead’s Ace of Spades :)

We be celebrating the launch of the new album with a saturday afternoon show at The Empress Hotel in Fitzroy this Saturday 17th July, accompanied by the fantabulous Mark Lanigan.

Admission is $6, show runs 4-6pm. This is a child-friendly show, if they’re accompanied by an adult, so ye can bring yer wee bairns.

Jul 13 2010

Sail Away video

Check out the new video for our song “Sail Away’. This was put together by the lovely Hayley out of a collection of poor quality home-video footage :-)

Well, some stores… you can now buy Stormclouds the old fashioned way in Melbourne at or

The 3rd Zeptepi album ‘Stormclouds’ is officially out today! You can buy the CD from the Zeptepi store as of this morning. The iTunes release has been slightly delayed due to some technical problems at the distributors, but it should be available later in the week.

Full track listing – Come Home, Sail Away, The Ballad of John Green, The Soldier Song, The Sickness, The Loch Ard, Everything is Everything, The Falling of a Thunderstone, Stormclouds, Nothing Sinks Without a Trace.

(The Ballad of John Green is a different mix to that which featured on the single – but the Soldier Song is the same version as was on the single).

You can hear/see a trailer for the album on Youtube:

The state liquor licensing department, in their infinite wisdom, have closed down Idgaff yesterday, so Saturday’s gig has unfortunately been cancelled. Apologies to anyone who has made plans to go. We’re gutted…

Well it’s finally happened… Frank has actually finished the vid for our last single, ‘The Ballad of John Green’. Who’d have thunk it?!

And here it is:

Our third album ‘Stormclouds’ will be officially released on 21st June 2010! In the meantime, you can check out this trailer for the album on Youtube:

May 27 2010

Welcome Carlos!

A warm welcome to the Zeptepi line-up for our new electric banjo playing genius Mr CC Thornley! Carlos has joined us to become the 5th member of the current line up, and he’ll be making his live debut with us at the National Celtic Festival in Portarlington, 11-14 June. He’s no stranger to the band, having already played on 4 tracks on the upcoming album no.3, ‘Stormclouds’, as well as doing several gigs with us. The building of our folk-orchestra continues!

You can check out Carlos’s solo stuff here: The Black Swans of Trespass.

May 21 2010

More festival news!

Full program for the National Celtic Festival (Portarlington) has been released. We’re playing two shows:
Sat 12:30pm – Celtic Club Stage
Sun 1.30pm – Village Stage
You can check out the whole program here.

We’re also delighted to announce we’ll be playing the Maldon Folk Festival, 29 Oct – 1 Nov. More details as we get them.