Dec 20 2010

Updated gig listings

In the wake of the myspace demise, we’ve given the live listings page here on the official site a bit of an overhaul so you can get all the info you need right here. Go on, have a look for yourself. Lots of shows/festivals coming up in the first half of 2011. Happy planning :)

We’ve been using myspace for 4/5 years now. Initially it was FANTASTIC for bands… Facebook hadn’t really taken off, so myspace was THE social-networking site. Yes, hard to believe that there was once actually real people using it, instead of the morass of bands and spam artists that it is now. It had some great features – for example, you could search for bands in your locality based on their influences. We used this all the time trying to find like-minded acts to play shows with, it was a great facility.

But over the last year or two, myspace seem to have systematically removed all the features we used, and has consistently kept changing layouts, features, interfaces etc with no apparent plan other than the all too obvious “help! facebook took all our users and we can’t seem to get them back so we’re just trying everything we can think off in a vain attempt to regain our market share” policy.

Let’s be honest, myspace is never going to recapture it’s lost territory now. Facebook is a global behemoth these days with tie-ins with phone companies and a user base that dwarfs anything myspace ever managed. But that doesn’t stop them trying ever more desperate and awful ideas. Virtual badges awarded to accounts for lots of networking… virtual awards for having your photos viewed a few times. What is this, kindergarten? Little pop-ups every minute or so informing me of the latest status updates of someone we neither know nor care about – all of which originate from twitter anyway. Can’t find where to edit a blog or view our stats, but hey that’s ok – we can see what’s “trending” on myspace and a whole heap of recommendations of new friends to check out. How exciting! No wait.. how fucking annoying.

The new homepage interface for artists is shite. Annoying, ill-conceived and painful on the eye. As for the new profiles… bloody hell, didn’t know you could take a backwards step that far in one go! They look awful, and are an absolute fecking nightmare to customise (we’ve attempted it three times now, and each time given up and reverted to the old one – and we’ve got two web-designers in the band!). Still, never mind, we’ll probably have another new one to get used to in a month or so.

Anyway, patience has finally worn out at Zeptepi Towers. Flogging a dead horse and all that. The only question remaining is do we leave our account active for the sake of a presence here and all the connections made over the last few years, or just desert the sinking ship and cleanse our souls by using excellently designed websites such as Soundcloud ( to promote our music?

Now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure the real decline started when it was taken over by the Most Evil Man In The World, Rupert Murdoch. Ah, now it makes sense!

Nov 10 2010

Canberra here we come

On our way to Canberra next week for the first time. It’s taken 6 years for the band to get around to visiting the capital, but better late than never. We’re doing two shows…

Friday 19th November – Smiths Alternative Bookstore
Phil, Hayley & Carlos play as an acoustic trio between 7.30-9.00pm. Free admission

Saturday 20th November – The Phoenix
Full band show at the legendary Phoenix. We’re playing from 9pm-midnight… 3 sets! First set will probably be a short solo set from our built-in support act, banjoman C.C.Thornley. Once again, free admission!

Sep 21 2010


Been busy applying for festivals and speaking to interstate venues/bookers over the last few weeks. One thing that strikes me is the difference of attitudes between these guys and the bookers I normally have to deal with in Melbourne. With one or two notable exceptions, the Melbourne bookers & venues I’ve dealt with are so far up their own arse that I’m surprised they can still breathe. Maybe they don’t breathe, and that’s the problem – lack of oxygen has dulled their faculties to such an extent that the only phrases they are capable of saying/typing are “I’m sorry, my email has been down for the last 8 years, I didn’t see your message”, “You’ll need to provide soundman, door-bitch, crowd, bar-staff, security and cleaner yourself, and do all the publicity”, “why can’t you pull 200 people at 12.30am on a Tuesday night?” and “you want paying for playing, are you fucking mad? Get real man!”. Melbourne seems to be so full of it’s own sense of self-importance – what with being the self-proclaimed music capital of Australia – that it’s entirely ignorant of, well, anything really. After 6 years of gigging regularly here, I personally know two working band bookers that aren’t complete incompetents. Booking shows in Melbourne is like pulling teeth, but without the good bits.

On the other hand, dealing with festival bookers or interstate bookers is a breath of fresh air. Phrases crop up in conversation that I’m unfamiliar with – phrases such as “We’d love to have you guys play”, “We’ll pay you a set fee of $xxx, is that ok with you?” and “That was brilliant guys, can’t wait to have you back”. I recently emailed 3 venues in Hobart, and they all got back to me within a week. I can email 10 venues in Melbourne and be lucky if I get ANY responses, ever. Festivals offer us money – yes, actual payment – for doing shows. You turn up for the gig and they’re actually organised. They make you feel welcome. Wanted even. All feelings that I’d grown entirely unaccustomed too after so long in Melbourne. In short, they treat musicians with a bit of respect, which is as it should be. After all, it’s the musicians that are the lifeblood of the industry. Without us there is nothing.

I’m sure there are those who have nothing but good things to say about the Melbourne scene. I’ve never actually met them, but I’m sure there are…. somewhere. They must be hiding.

There, I’ve said it. I feel better now.
Phil x

Sep 21 2010

Apollo Bay Festival

Another festival confirmed for 2011… most pleased to announce we’ll be playing at the Apollo Bay Festival 8-10 April 2011. More details as and when we get them. Trying to arrange some more interstate gigs as we speak – we’ll be in Hobart at the Republic on the 20th March 2011, and Adelaide and Canberra are on the horizon!

Sep 8 2010

New videos online

Just uploaded a bunch of new live performance videos to youtube – including ‘I Can Do Anything’, ‘The End’, ‘Whiskey in the Jar’ and a version of The Only Ones ‘Another Girl Another Planet’. You can check em all out here: Zeptepi Youtube

More to come soon!

Most chuffed to be asked to headline the Westbury St Patricks Festival in Tasmania in 2011. This runs from the 17-19 March next year. More info nearer the time. Very happy to be making our first trip to Tassy for what looks to be a lovely little festival, we’ll try and squeeze in a Hobart show while we’re there.

Aug 23 2010

Maldon Folk Festival

Coming up at the end of October we have the Maldon Folk Festival. Looking forward to this one, we’ll be playing the friday, saturday and sunday. This takes place in a beautiful setting, check out some of the pics on their website. Details of our performances as follows:
* Fri 29th Oct – Guinness Stage, 9.30pm
* Sat 30th Oct – Maldon Hotel, 8pm
* Sun 31st Oct – Guinness Stage, 8pm

We’re back at the good old Espy in St Kilda this wednesday (18th), playing the frontbar… free admission as per usual. And if you can’t make it on down, the gig is also being streamed live at We’re playing at 11.30pm (2.30pm GMT). Last time they did this the streaming quality was very impressive, so worth checking out – particularly if you’re not from Melbourne and never get to see us play live!

Phil, Hayley & Carlos will be playing an acoustic show this friday lunchtime at Melbourne City Library on Flinders Lane, 12:30>1:30pm. Admission is free. Come along and make the most of the opportunity to make some noise in a library :)