May 31 2011

Time for a break!

We’ve had a hectic time this last 12 months. We’ve released our third album, done loads of gigs, travelled to Canberra, South Australia, Tasmania and all over Victoria, and made lots of new friends along the way. We’ve been stuck in floods, driven through fields, been very drunk, played to crowds of 10 and crowds of 1000, smoked too much, had tents flooded out, had banjo players marooned in Tasmania for weeks on end, and eaten far too much crap food. And it’s pretty much all been fantastic fun. And now it’s over. Sob.

Our show on the 28th May in Gunbower (Vic) was the last full band show for a while. We’ll be taking a well-earned break to (hopefully…) record another album, much of which is already written. CC Thornley will be off to the USA for a few months, but if all goes to plan we’ll be back on the road playing some festivals in October/November time. We’re also looking at the exciting possibility of recording a live DVD before the year is out. There will probably be a few little acoustic shows in the meantime, so keep your eye on the gig guide. We’ve also got a MASSIVE backlog of photos and video footage to work through, so we should now have time to actually start editing and posting some stuff.

But back to Gunbower. What a night! Something brilliant about playing shows to folk out in the country. You’re always treated wonderfully – free food, free beer, often free accommodation too, as was the case this weekend. Plus decent fees for your performances. We certainly earned our money this time – playing a one hour acoustic set, followed by two 75 minute full band sets! But the best thing about these shows is the audiences. They ALWAYS go crazy, always dance until they drop, and are so appreciative of the fact that you’ve bothered to drive so far to play a gig for them. It’s just so rewarding to play for these people. Long may it continue. Over the next year we’ll be doing our best to get out and play as many rural Victorian shows as we possibly can. And a special thanks to the lovely Krys and Kim from Cat in the Hat Management for making the night possible, and proving that – unbelievably – booking agents can be professional, generous and decent people.

A final word – CC, Hayley and I played an acoustic show at the Radio Springs Hotel in Lyonville on the way back from Gunbower. Owner Ken is a fantastic bloke, he’s had us play there plenty of times this year already and it’s always an absolute pleasure. It’s hard work – we play for four hours a time – but there is no nicer location to do this. If you want a great meal in a pub overflowing with character and friendliness, you owe it to yourself to get out to Radio Springs.

Phil x

Radio Springs Hotel:

Sunday 22nd May sees us play at the Victorian Fair Trade Festival at Melbourne’s Queen Vic Market. This event runs 10am – 4pm, and is aimed at promoting and raising awareness of Fair Trade and Ethical Business in Australia. Ironically we’re doing it for nothing.

Anyway, we’ll be playing a set at 2pm, so come along and say hello! No entry fee, no age restrictions. Location is at the City-end of the market. Lots of market stalls, an art exhibition and a kids corner for crafts and such like.

The last of the long weekend festival trips is over for the season, following the trip to Victoria’s Mt Beauty this weekend just gone. Another successful foray out of Melbourne – plenty of cds and t-shirts sold (thanks to our ever wonderful Queen of Merchandise, aka Katrina), lots of great shows and lots of new friends along the way. Highlights include the sometimes breathtaking scenery around Mt Beauty and Tawonga, the willingness of the Hotel Bogong to keep serving us alcohol, young Matilda’s dancing, Hayley locking the hotel room keys in her room, the post gig sing-a-long at the Hotel on Saturday night, Hayley locking the car keys in her bag in the car (how do you even do that?), the ever-friendly local crowds and volunteers and plenty more. Lowlights include the Festival trying to charge $70 a head for admission to our gigs for our 3 strong crew of merch-girl/roadie/photographer, the Hotel coffee machine exploding and three days of almost exclusively crap food. But as always the good far outweighs the bad, and hopefully we can look forward to many more trips like this come spring time when the festivals start all over again.

And a special thank you to the wonderful Andie Fitzpatrick for filling in so ably for our absent bass player Frank. Andie did a mighty fine job, fitted in a treat and was a pleasure to play with. Thanks Andie :)

Less than two weeks away! Best dust the tents down. We’re playing 3 sets at the Apollo Bay Music Festival
Saturday 9th April – Bowls Club – 2:45pm to 3:30pm
Saturday 9th April – ABC Sessions Bar – 9:45pm to 10:30pm
Sunday 10th April – Bowls Club – 4:30pm to 5:15pm


Mar 30 2011

New website

As you may have noticed, we has a new website today. We’ve expanded on the previous version and added a heap of content, including Phil’s thoughts on all the recordings we’ve done over the years (see the ‘Music’ tab on the menu). We especially recommend the ‘Store’ page 😉

Mar 30 2011

Thanks Tasmania!

What can we say? We had an awesome time on our brief tour to Tassie. A special thanks to Lee Slaughter, who organised the Westbury Festival and went out of his way beyond the call of duty to make sure we were always looked after and never short of beer and food! But everybody in Westbury made us feel so very welcome, and the audiences were brilliant at all the shows. Rumour has it we’ll be back next year, we certainly hope so.

The Launceston and Hobart shows were great fun too. But as we’ve said before, every time we get out of Melbourne people seem to appreciate us so much more. We sold a record amount of merchandise too… I think we sold more t-shirts in Tasmania than we’ve sold in total up until now. Anyway, some photos and video footage will follow at some point in the next few weeks!

Mar 11 2011

Tasmania Tour

Very excited to be off to Tasmania for the first time next week for a five date tour built around Westbury’s St Patricks Festival, starting on St Patricks day!

Details as follows:
Thu 17 Irish Murphy’s, Launceston (9.30pm)
Fri 18 Westbury St Patricks Festival (9pm)
Sat 19 Westbury St Patricks Festival (2.40pm)
Sat 19 Westbury St Patricks Festival (9.20pm)
Sun 20 Republic Bar, Hobart (9pm, also features solo set from CC Thornley)

Suspect this tour may feature some pretty major hangovers…

Mar 3 2011

New demos online

Hey folks, we recently recorded a couple of demos, trying out some things for the next album. You can hear the tracks on our Soundcloud page, click on these links:

King of the Balladeers

Dead Men Tell No Tales


Feb 21 2011


Next full band show is March 5th in the home of Zeptepi HQ – Melbourne’s Western suburbs. We’re playing the Seddon Festival, onstage at 5.30pm. No admission charge, nice friendly little village festival. Fun for all the family!

Two shows coming up this weekend, gonna be a busy 48 hours.. mostly spent driving!

We’re back in Adelaide for the first time since 2006, with a show at the Wheatsheaf in Thebarton on Saturday 15th – see the live page for full details. What has been nice about this trip so far has been the support and enthusiasm for it that we’ve had from the Adelaide scene itself… Rip It Up magazine placed a nice little article about us on their website last month, and there is a Zeptepi interview in this weeks print version of the mag. There will also be an interview live-to-air tonight at 10.45pm Melbourne time on Three D radio – you can stream live via their website here. If only we could get this sort of support in our own city!

After a quick kip we’ll be back on the road and heading to Barongarook, near Cape Otway on the Victorian south coast. We’re very happy to be part of the showcase launch for April’s Apollo Bay Festival, taking place at the Otway Estate Winery. Full details can be found on the live page of this site. We’re last act of the afternoon, playing at 5.20pm.

One last thing – some video footage from the Maldon Folk Festival now online on our youtube page… check it out here. Two unreleased new songs available to see: The King of the Balladeers and Dead Men Tell No Tales.