Probe One Music POM-06, released June 2010

We didn’t really have any money during the period when we worked on this album. As a result it was recorded in part at Forge Studios in Reservoir and otherwise at my home studio over a period of two years between 2008 and 2010 – snatching a day at Forge every few months or so to do some more drum tracks when we had the cash. We recorded 14 tracks this way, 10 of which made the album.

The band had taken a break for the latter half of 2007 before getting back together minus a keyboard player. We were joined by Hayley Anderson on violin instead – I’d be keeping an eye out for a violin player for years. The music was taking on a much folkier acoustic bent quite naturally, and I’d pretty much discarded the electric guitar at live shows, although it features on a few tracks on the album. Hayley’s violin though takes the lead on most of these songs.

We also got a number of friends to help out, and the album features keyboards from Rob McDowell (Plastic Palace Alice) and Peter Donelly, as well as banjo from Mark Lanigan and saxophone from Simon Whitear. The real revelation though was hooking up with banjo genius CC Thornley towards the end of the recordings. CC played on 4 songs and has since become a permanent fixture in the band.

So I mixed the songs at home between August 2009 and April 2010, and then the mastering was done by Lighterthief Productions in Swindon, England. I didn’t really like the protracted nature of the process, but it did give me plenty of time to live with the songs and fine tune everything – something you don’t always get to do if you do the whole thing in the space of a month or two.


Preview clip for the Stormclouds album, featuring snippets of all the tracks: