HAUL AWAY JOE – Probe One Music POM-010, February 2013
(Haul Away Joe * Coming up for Air, download only)
This was released as a download single, the first tracks to be recorded with Claire Johnstone on fiddle and Patrick Lyons on bass. Coming up for Air is the title track for the coming album, although it has been remixed for the album. Haul Away Joe is our high octane take on the 19th century sea-shanty. Unlike previous recordings, these were done pretty much entirely live in the studio. You can still download Haul Away Joe for free here.

WINTER IN MY BLOOD – Probe One Music POM-08, February 2012
(Winter in my Blood, download only)
Released as a free download just prior to the Winter in the Blood album. This is a different mix to the album version – it’s a good deal shorter, and features some additional percussion. This is the same version of the song that was used for the video clip. Now available free to download on The Beginning.

BALLAD OF JOHN GREEN – Probe One Music POM-05, December 2009
(Ballad of John Green * Soldier Song * Whiskey in the Jar, CD/download)
All three of these songs were recorded during the sessions that made up the Stormclouds album, although only The Soldier Song appears on that album in this guise. The Ballad of John Green is also on the album of course, but this single version is a different mix. This is the first Zeptepi release to feature Hayley Anderson on violin. It’s also the first time we used banjo – CC Thornley plays on The Soldier Song (although at this point he had not yet joined the band) and Mark Lanigan plays on the other two tracks. There’s also some organ on track 1 by Peter Donnelly, but it’s very low in the mix on this version. We only pressed 200 copies of this single, all of which are now sold. Video clip here. Whiskey in the Jar and Ballad of John Green now available free to download on The Beginning.

BALLAD OF JOHN GREEN – Probe One Music POM-04, June 2009
(Ballad of John Green * Inbetweens, CD)
Individually numbered limited run of 50 CDs, released especially for the National Celtic Festival 2009. The version of The Ballad of John Green is an early mix by Pete Rowe (Dacoit Studios). The other track included is Inbetweens – in 2008 we were asked to contribute a track to a tribute project called The Other Ones for legendary UK rock band The Only Ones. We recorded Inbetweens, from their 1979 album ‘Even Serpents Shine’. The Only Ones were a MASSIVE influence on me, and have been one of my favourite bands for 20 years or so. So I was pretty happy about doing this project. Peter Donnelly appears on this track playing piano. This release also bears the distinction of being the only CD not to feature the artwork of Dolly Sampson on the cover. Inbetweens now available free to download on The Beginning.

THE END – Probe One Music, October 2006
(The End * Take Me Home * All Lit Up, CD)
Released mainly as a promo single to press and radio, there are somewhere 100 copies of this floating about/buried in landfill. Now a veritable collectors item! All three tracks featured on the album Universality. You can view the video clip for The End here, and The End is available free to download on The Beginning.

A bunch of promo demo CDs were released between 2002-2004 featuring a variety of tracks from those recorded for the Travelling Through Time album. These are mostly early mixes of songs that later made the album, but some unreleased tracks such as Market Square Blues and Strange Tales from Another Galaxy can also be found amongst them – not to mention our legendary collaboration with George W.Bush…