The Beginning

Probe One Music POM-09, released September 2012

Zeptepi have now been making music for over a decade, so it seemed a good time to bring out a compilation album. We’re not trying to rip you off for a few more dollars though – this album is entirely free, and you can download it on the above Bandcamp link.

This is as good a place to start as any if you want to hear some of our music. It’s not a “best of” album, more of a selection box from songs we’ve recorded between 2001-2011 (and released between 2005-2012). There’s a few oddities included which are no longer available elsewhere, as well as one previously unreleased track All Fall Down.

The recording of long-time live favourite Whiskey in the Jar was on the Ballad of John Green EP from late 2009, which sold out years ago. Winter in My Blood is the edited version that we released earlier this year to accompany the video clip, not the version on the Winter in the Blood album. The Ballad of John Green is also from the EP of the same name, rather than the mix which appeared on Stormclouds the following year. Inbetweens is a song by The Only Ones that we recorded in 2008 for a tribute project for the legendary UK band, and was very briefly available as the b-side of the original limited edition of The Ballad of John Green from June 2009.

All Fall Down was originally recorded during the sessions for the Stormclouds album in 2008/09, but failed to make the cut for the album as it didn’t really suit the mood. It features some great organ playing from Peter Donelly, who also plays piano on Inbetweens. It’s included here for the first time. The other tracks featured are the same as the versions that appear on the original albums.